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Institute Projects

Project Title Principal & Co-Principal Investigators Duration of Project
Collection,Conservation, Cataloguing and   Evaluation of Oil Palm Germplasm K.SunilKumar, K.L.MaryRani, H.P.Bhagya, G.Ravichandran, G.Somasundaram, P.Anitha       2011-2030
Genetic Enhancement  in Oil Palm G.Ravichandran, K.Sunil Kumar, K.Suresh, K.L.MaryRani, H.P.Bhagya, B.Kalyana Babu, G.Somasundaram, P.Anitha ,    2011-2030
Biotechnological Studies in Oil Palm B.Kalyana Babu,K.Suresh, G.Ravichandran, K.Sunilkumar, K.L.MaryRani, H.P.Bhagya, P.Anitha 2011-2030
Production System Management

B.Narasimha Rao, K.Suresh, K.Ramachandrudu, K.Manorama, K.P.Deepthi

Physiological &   Biochemical Basis for Growth and Yield in      Oil Palm K.Suresh,K.Manorama, P.Anitha 2011-2030
Development of Labour Saving Tools &    Machineries for Oil Palm Cultivation M.V.Prasad,                          Dr.T.VidhanSingh (DRR,Hyderabad) 2011-2030
Integrated Pest Management P.Kalidas 2011-2030
Integrated Disease Management K.Praveena Deepthi,    H.P.Bhagya 2011-2030
Dissemination of Technology & ICT Applications in Oil Palm Sector M.V.Prasad, K.L.MaryRani, P.Kalidas, B.N.Rao, K.SunilKumar, K.Suresh, K.Ramachandrudu, K.L.Mary Rani, K.P.Deepthi, K.Manorama, G.Ravichandran, H.P.Bhagya, P.Anitha, G.Somasundaram 2011-2030

News & Events
  • National Workshop on Development of in vitro Regeneration protocol in oil palm: Challenges and Opportunities on Feb 17, 2021 02:30 PM
  • Indigenous oil palm seed production - Status and road map for achieving self sufficiency on Feb 18, 2021 10:00 AM
  • ICAR - IIOPR Foundation Day on February 19th 2021 9:30 AM   Youtube Live
  • Proceedings of Webinar on "Management options for achieving higher water productivity in oil palm" Read more...
  • Skill Development Programme on Plant Protection in Oil Palm Dec 3-4th 2020Read more...
  • Proceedings of Webinar on Application of rapid breeding techniques in plantation cropsRead more...
  • Proceedings of Webinar on "Oil palm genetic resources: present status and future needs in India"Read more...