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Institute Projects

  Project Title Principal & Co-Principal Investigators Duration of Project
 Collection, Conservation, Cataloguing and Evaluation of Oil Palm Germplasm G.Somasundaram, G.Ravichandran, P.Anitha, H.P.Bhagya, S. N. Rahana, K.L.MaryRani       2011-2030
 Genetic Enhancement  in Oil Palm G.Ravichandran, R. K. Mathur, K.Suresh, B.Kalyana Babu, P.Anitha, G.Somasundaram, H.P.Bhagya, S. N. Rahana, K.L.MaryRani ,    2011-2030
 Biotechnological Studies in Oil Palm B.Kalyana Babu, R. K. Mathur, K.Suresh, G.Ravichandran, P. Anitha, S. N. Rahana 2011-2030
 Efficient Resource Management Strategies in Oil Palm Production System

K. Manorama, K.Suresh, R. P. Premalatha

 Oil Palm based Farming System

K.Ramachandrudu, R. P. Premalatha, M. Amrutha Lakshmi, ARNS Subbanna, P.Anitha

 Physiological &   Biochemical Basis for Growth and Yield in      Oil Palm K.Suresh, K.Manorama, P.Anitha, R. P. Premalatha 2011-2030
 Development of Labour Saving Tools &    Machineries for Oil Palm Cultivation S. Shivashankar,                           M.V.Prasad, Ravindra Naik 2011-2030
 Integrated Pest Management ARNS Subbanna 2011-2030
 Integrated Disease Management ARNS Subbanna,   H.P.Bhagya, B. Kalyana Babu, Ritu Mawar, Udai B Singh 2011-2030
 Dissemination of Technology & ICT Applications in Oil Palm Sector M.V.Prasad, R. K. Mathur, K.L.MaryRani, K.Suresh, K.Ramachandrudu, K.Manorama, G.Ravichandran, B. Kalyana Babu, P.Anitha, H.P.Bhagya, G.Somasundaram, S. N. Rahana, S. Shivashankar, R. P. Premalatha, M. Amrutha Lakshmi 2011-2030

News & Events
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