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* Advanced oil palm parent materials (for Hybrid Seed Production): Parental oil palm planting material was supplied for establishment of three oil palm seed gardens in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

* Commercialization of oil palm tissue culture Protocol: IIOPR has successfully developed a methodology of oil palm tissue culture using explants from mature palms. The technology has been commercialized through AgrInnovate India Limited and licensed to four companies, viz., M/s Bejo Sheetal Bio-science foundation, Jalna, Maharashtra and M/s Vijaya phyto Farms Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad and M/s Sristi Agro Biotech Private Limited, Kolkata and M/s Sheel Biotech Ltd., Haryana.
* Oil Palm Germplasm registration: Registration of 52 indigenous oil palm germplasm accessions from Pedavegi (IC-0610000 to IC-0610051) and 11 accessions from Palode (IC-0599983 to IC-0599993) was completed and accession numbers were received from NBPGR, New Delhi.

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